Sunday, January 3, 2010

Blogging Tips 101: Blogger Comment Problems

This is going to be short and sweet. We all love blogger. That said, we all have had issues with the comments disappearing. I know in the past, I have written the longest comments, only to hit that submit button and everything disappear. Also, people tried comment on my blog, but their comments also poofed into blogosphere somewhere. Ouch. After many forum discussions, this seems to be the general helpful tip out there to prevent this from happening.

1. In blogger, click settings.
2. Click on comments.
3. Scroll down to Comment Form Placement.
4. Select Pop-up Window.
5. Scroll to bottom of page and save.

This seems to be the best method to ensure the safety of those special comments we all love receiving. To see an example of how this new comment box will look, try leaving a comment on this post! :)

Marty Duane


Jenn said...

Great info, Marty! I'm changing my comment settings right now.

Healing Morning said...

Now it all makes sense - I wondered why some Blogger blogs' Comments section pulled up in this format and others didn't. Thanks, Marty! Really useful tip. I changed settings on Healing Morning as soon as I read through this.

~ Dawn

Anonymous said...

Thanks, pal!
Ditto to what the other two ladies said:)

Epiphany said...

Thanks for the tip. I've never had that problem but have changed mine.

Anonymous said...

All my favorite peeps out there changing their comments. I love it. Now, I don't have to deal with the frustration when trying to comment on your blogs :)

Anonymous said...

This is a good idea, but one issue might be pop-up blockers...of course this can be solved by enabling them for Blogger. :)

Healing Morning said...

Okay, update on this - I ended up switching back to the embedded Comments on the same page as blog version. Using the method you suggested will force me to agree to email alerts for all posted comments to go to my gmail account rather than the MSN one. I'm not a fan of gmail at all, and prefer to receive the alerts to my business email account.

I thought it was worth posting this to let people know, just in case they prefer follow up comment alerts going to a different email address.

~ Dawn

KingsKid777 said...

so the comments show up both places. That is interesting.

loquacious said...

I found you with a Google search for 'blogger comments problems'. After reading many turgid how to's, it seems you have a good step to try, which I have.

When people look for a comment section they don't realize the small date at the bottom needs to be clicked to comment. What's the big secret that they make it so difficult?

Maybe I'm missing some code, or a needed setting?

All good wishes,

Rob MacDonald

loquacious said...

Healing Morning said that when using popups Google forced her to use their mail system.

Thanks to Authentic Blogger I switched to Popups, started getting some comments after a long drought, and I receive the email alerts through my email on no problem!

So far, everything's working.

Healing Morning said...

Rob (loquacious) we're glad to know this post proved helpful. Glad, also, that you've had success with the routing of alerts to your preferred email for comments. Very good news!

~ Dawn & Marty

johnplayer said...

i found its nice instructions,its nice informative,step by step,educational & useful helpful to others.

kPg said...

In my case, my blog disappeared completely! But it turned out that there was just some temporary glitch in Blogger's system. Perhaps we have the same case? Read my story about what happened to my blog, and you might figure out what went wrong in yours. Thanks!

Healing Morning said...

Johnplayer, somehow we missed your comment - so sorry for the egregious delay in reply. We're glad, however, that you found the content of this article helpful.

kPg, I've heard of that issue occurring with both Blogger and WordPress formats. I'm sure it strikes cold fear in the heart of any blogger who experiences it. Glad to hear that your own experience was a temporary one that was corrected.

Thanks to both of you for your comments!

~ Dawn & Duane

Anonymous Contractor said...

Helped me out, thanks Marty!