Monday, August 2, 2010

Authentic Blogger's Monthly Featured Blog Author

 Authentic Blogger (FB group page), in conjunction with our sister blog, The Authentic Blogger is proud to announce this month's recipient of our Monthly Featured Blog Author Award!

**As of late 2010, we decided to take a break from the monthly award process. We will resume this award process in the near future.**

Congratulations to...

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See our Blog Award Roll below to read the weekly updated list of past recipients:

Duane Scott & Dawn S.
Co-Creators, Authentic Blogger FB group
Duane Scott, Author, Duane Scott blog
Dawn S., Author, Healing Morning blog

Weekly Featured Blog Author

Blog Author                          Award Date               Featured Blog
Mitzi Rice                               8-02-10                     Daily Reflection
Savira Gupta                           7-01-10                     Living Laughing Breathing
Chip Etier                               6-01-2010                 Etier Photography
Mansi Bhatia                           5-01-2010                 First Impressions
Anahid Boghosian                   4-01-2010                 Fireside Moments
Lisa Brandel                            3-02-2010                The Widow Lady
David Roy                              2-07-2010                 Dave's Buttoned-Up Mind
Sharon Cohen                         1-30-2010                 By These Fruits
Marie Blackstock Rhoades      1-23-2010                 Sally the Sea
Jenn Boyer                              1-15-2010                Heart, Mind and Soul
Bill Bruner                               1-08-2010                Journey to Joy

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Tony Anders said...

I am passing onto you a tag/award/nod. It is the “Honest Scrap” tag. Please go to my site to grab it and get the requirements. If you have it already, please accept my apologies. Should you choose to sit this one out, or do not wish to get it – no harm no foul. They can be work, but know that I enjoy passing it on to you! Keep up the good work! Tony

Healing Morning said...

Hi Tony,
Thank you for the nod of recognition to both Authentic Blogger and Healing Morning! Marty & I appreciate the attention given to AB and I am equally flattered about the spotlight on Healing Morning.

I'll check w/ Marty & see what we can come with with together to address the list of requirements - it should be fun! I'll also get to the same w/ Healing Morning & post later in the week.

Dawn & Marty

Timberwolf123 said...

Thanks for being apart of my life. I have included you in my list of "10 blogs I like" here:
If you wish to participate, simply list 10 things that make you happy and pass on the award to 10 other blogs (or vlogs) that you like. Thanks & hugs.

Sharon Cohen said...

I so appreciate Dawn and Marty and Authentic Blogger. This has been a tough month for me, capped off by a layoff notice and an uncertain future.

To know that my work, my writing, is appreciated is sufficient to lift my spirits and restore my enthusiasm.

I especially appreciate the chance to hear from new readers, to share inspiration and encouragement.

This is a good work and I am blessed to be a part of it.

Healing Morning said...

Sharon, you are very deserving of this recognition. Thank you, in return, for the kind words about the dedicated work that Marty & I put into the AB community. It is out of love that we both do it, but it's also nice to hear that our efforts are noticed and appreciated!

~ Dawn

Tony Anders said...

I dont expect you guys to spend your blogging time filling out these requirements, tandem them up with another, but here is the award none-the-less!

Salutations friend! You are now the proud winner of the Best Blog Award! It is my pleasure to pass it along to you! You may come to my blog Artisan of the Human Spirit to pick up the emblem and do what you have to do! I recognize your efforts and skill and wanted to give you a well deserved atta-boy or atta-girl! Enjoy and congrats!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to all of the success of the featured bloggers and Authentic Blogger. I have been graced with an award I would like to share. You can pick it up at my blog. Keep up the great work.


MOLLYC said...

Marty, how come you didn't tell me about this? I just copywrited (wrote?) my blog...I would love to be in this group! molly

Healing Morning said...

Molly, are you a member of our Authentic Blogger group on FB? If so, then send Marty an email with your blog URL and the Category you want your blog to be listed with on the AB blog page and he'll take care of it. Send all deets to him at

We'll be happy to get your blog posted on our wall! Tell all your bloggy friends about AB blog and FB group - we're always happy to spread the word!

~ Dawn & Marty

MOLLYC said...

I am very happy to be included in this group! Thanks a million!

Healing Morning said...

Molly, we're happy to welcome you to the AB family! Tell all your bloggy friends about us and keep writing!

~ Dawn & Marty

Lily said...

Thank you for posting about this blog!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Dawn & Marty for this. :)

Healing Morning said...

Anahid, you're very welcome! You're one of those special lights in the blogging world, and the AB community. Enjoy your month as featured blog author!

~ Dawn & Marty

Kathleen Frangeskos said...

Hi Dawn and Marty,
You are both doing a wonderful job!
Keep up the great inspiring work!
Thank you and Happy Easter friends...

I wish you happiness and continued success!
You are both very sweet...

Love and Blessings,
Kathleen Frangeskos at
Jesus Knows You Best

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed looking over your blog. I found your profile on another blog I follow and I added myself to follow you. You are more than welcome to visit my blog and become a follower if you want to.

God Bless You, Ron

Mansi said...

Thanks is a small word to express my gratitude, Dawn and Marty. I am honored and deeply touched that you decided to shine the group's light on my little space in the world wide web.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

My most humbled thanks to you for Showcasing my wee blog! I posted a blog about it this morning.
Thanks again! I am totally honored!

Amrita said...

Hi Duane,Namaste from India.

I find you r blog very authentic, interesting an d engaging. I am your follower.Please do visit my blog too when you have the time.